About us

Colchester Life is a new website with the town’s independents at its heart and it wants to offer more than just a directory.

It not only has a guide to all the small and quirky shops, cafes and bars Colchester has but it's also has a what’s-on with a calendar stretching from flash sales to secret gigs, one off markets to live art pieces. Its third arm is a blog full of sneaky reviews, treats and tips on how to find all of Colchester’s gems. 

And if all of that wasn't enough, it also offers you the chance to get exclusive deals chosen by a selection of Independents themselves with the Colchester Life card, a discount card supporting the Indies of Colchester for only £5, see here for more details.

Colchester Life started with independent businesses at it's heart. In early 2014, Kayleigh, April and Hatty met up with the aim of working out a way to promote their business and they soon realised the problem was bigger than just themselves. There was nothing out there that showed off Colchester's indie side and they felt people were missing out on what Colchester had to offer so with the help from Momentum, a team of creative web developers Colchester Life was born. We are a not for profit organisation, everything goes back to supporting and promoting the local independent businesses. There is no cost to the business who are listed on the site and no hierarchy everyone will get the same space and the same level of exposure.

The Team

April, Hatty and 

April, on the left, is the face of Colchester Life. Her role is to go out and chat to the lovely independents of Colchester, keeping everyone connected and helps put on the events. She currently runs Colchester’s local rock n roll shop Music Warehouse and also performs with her band Young Claws. When she’s not out singing her heart out, she loves yoga which makes her the laid back one of the group and keeps everything relaxed. Her perfect evening is a feast of vegan food and hanging out with her bunnies.

Hatty, Miss Pink, is the organiser of the group. She is the one making sure the To-Do list is up to date and the meetings don't go too far from the point. Her day job is running her own vintage business, What's your tale, Nightingale?, for 4 years now which sells clothes, accessories and homewares from the 1940's upwards. Not only does she run her website, stalls at fairs and her blog, she is also part of the Secret Vintage Fair event teams. Her secret geek passion is Dr Who and she’s quite partial to cake if you’ve ever got one spare.

Kayleigh, the lovely lady on the right, is the resident Techie on the Colchester Life Team. When she’s not running your local friendly vintage tea room, Ruby’s, she’s a Web Merchandiser for a small aromatherapy company so loves finding interesting sites and formulating ways to make our website more interesting for all of you. Her passion is her tea room and she loves spending her day planning craft workshops, interesting evening events, helping people plan weddings, baby showers and hen parties and hunting for vintage treasures for you all to buy.