Arts - BP Portrait Award 2016 Exhibition

Colchester is one of only three locations outside of London lucky enough to host this stunning exhibition, opening this Friday, April 7th. Definitely unmissable!

We are so excited about this exhibition, and can't quite believe our town's luck! Travelling from the National Portrait Gallery to Lincoln, Edinburgh and Colchester only, you won't want to miss the chance to see the winners and finalists of the 2016 BP Portrait Award, coming to Firstsite from April 7th.

Selected from 2,557 entries by artists from 80 countries around the world, the BP Portrait Award 2016 represents the very best in contemporary portrait painting. And the shortlisted portraits are truly stunning. From photo-realism in egg tempera so vivid you'll struggle to believe it's not a photograph, to moving, expressive sketches full of vitality and emotion, from grand and famous faces to intimate glimpses of the sitter's soul, this selection has something for every art lover - and may even convert a few who simply 'know what they like'!

By Benjamin Sullivan

Our personal favourite (Shh!) by Elena Vladimir Baranoff

Running until June 18th, this is the type of exhibition that will restore the classicists' faith in the future of art - incredible skill, mind-blowing talent, life-affirming love. We are so sure you will find something to adore in this collection we would offer a money-back guarantee, except that, of course, it's free! Truly, Colchester is blessed!