Arts & Crafts/Community - Yarn Lovers Monthly Meet-Up

Knitting is the new yoga - but as an added bonus to the therapeutic benefits, you end up with a beautiful, unique item! Whatever your yarn passion, this new monthly group welcomes crafty Colcestrians.

Erin Summers Norman believes firmly in the benefits of yarn crafts - crochet is her weapon of choice to beat stress and anxiety and, she says, it's helped her through tough times, dealing as she does with a chronic and debilitating illness.

On bad days Erin is bed bound, but she's never idle. She teaches crochet privately and sells her gorgeous creations online, but she got to thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get together once a month and maybe do some exciting group projects, and new learners could learn from those more experienced...".  And so was formed the new monthly Yarn Lovers event, which had its inaugural meet-up last month and meets again this Friday, June 30th, 7pm at the GO4 Cafe at the Rec.


The group is friendly and informal, and Erin is keen to stress it is for anyone with a love of or curiosity for yarn crafts. All ages, genders, and skill levels are welcome and it doesn't matter if you're into crochet, knitting, cross stitch - whatever your yarn craft poison! 


As well as a chance to learn from other crafters, and socialise with likeminded people, the group aims to create items to give or sell for charity, and Erin hopes it will provide the support and camaraderie of an old fashioned sewing circle.

So if wool, fabrics and threads get you welling up, fizzing with excitement and thrilled to be alive, then the Yarn Lovers group is keen to meet you! Meeting the last Friday of every month, Erin and friends look forward to welcoming you.