Arts Review - As of Yet Untitled, The Minories

Running until Feb 24th, the 2nd Year BA Fine Art students of UCC present a eclectic exhibition of some promising work.

We've long thought The Minories is a little gem of a gallery - always something interesting to look at, the kind of place you can pop into to while away half an hour before an appointment in town or spend a whole afternoon immersing yourself in the current exhibition, browsing the unique hand-made locally produced gifts and enjoying a snack or meal in the lovely tearoom gardens.

Currently running, until the 24th of this month, is a whimsical, thought-provoking, immersive exhibition of the works of the 2nd Year BA Fine Art students from Colchester Institute UCC. The works of these emerging artists, including Colchester Life's very own Deborah Suzanne, are tactile, diverse and accomplished.


My daughter Bean and I were immediately drawn to a series of lovely chubby little figures, lined up on the mantelpiece. And then Bean found the hamper of old-fashioned, slightly forlorn rag dolls, with a sign saying 'Hug Me'. Looking around several people had taken up the offer, and Bean immediately selected a large navy-bodied doll she christened Charlotte. I could absolutely see the attraction - the weight and feel of these funny dolls brings to mind the wobbly-headed snuggliness of a new-born, and it was impossible to resist carrying one around with you.


There is plenty more to see - a huge carousel shadow box which you actually enter, a series of gorgeously austere photos, a Tracey-Emin style installation, a series of films to place over a light box and explore, a free-standing piece using an old fashioned ornate gold frame, and an intricate thought-provoking desk and cabinet full of curiosities. 


This is a joy of an exhibition showcasing the emerging talent our lil ol' town is nurturing, and has something to appeal to everyone. One not to be missed.