Arts - The Unfamiliars Scratch Lab: On Beginnings, Feb 23rd, Sip and Tuck

A rag tag group of creatives come together for the first of a series of scratch lab events to celebrate and disseminate the wonderful work being made in and around Colchester.

Carl Denham and Gemma Garwood, the Unfamiliars' Creative Directors are on a mission to expand creative horizons and provide a platform for all the amazing and important work going on in our lil ol' town.


With the ultimate aim of a dedicated arts festival in Colchester, the Unfamiliars envisage a sort of mini fringe festival, using unexpected and pop-up venues, to support and promote emerging artists. They begin next month with a scratch lab evening of curated entertainment and small exhibitions, topped off with guest DJs. Each evening will also be accompanied by a zine, which will contain complimentary material that better suits the printed word. The theme for the first event is, appropriately, ON BEGINNINGS.

With backgrounds in comedy, film and site-specific theatre thmselves, Carl and Gemma are inviting submissions in any genre - dance, film, poetry, music, micro-lecture, movement, spoken word and graphic and visual art pieces, between 5 and 15 minutes long. Submissions for the zine should be less than 1,000 words, no bigger than A4 and suitable for reproduction in black and white. The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Wednesday, February 10th, but if you have a work in progress or an idea, simply get in touch to discuss:


The evening will start early, partly to pack everything in, but also to be family friendly, at 7pm on February 23rd, at lovely new indie Sip and Tuck. Tickets will be on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis, and while Carl and Gemma will ensure there is a quality and ethic behind it, the evening certainly won't be self-important or worthy. 

By creating opportunities for collaboration and engagement in this way the Unfamiliars intend to create a brand that allows artists to be ambitious, stretch boundaries, and "fold the work of the pre-existing creative community into the daily life of our town." What a wonderful goal to strive for.

More information here: https://unfamiliarlaborato.wix...

(We've already made a submission - cross fingers we'll see you there?!)