Competition - Search for a Song!

Students from UCC compose road safety jingles for new children's book series

Godfrey Obwoya and Rebecca Hamilton are students in their final and penultimate years respectively at the University College Colchester's BA (Hons) in Film Music & Soundtrack Production. They are also finalists in a competition launched by the creators of Larry the London Bus and Friends.

Larry the London Bus and Friends is a new children’s book series that teaches children about the wonders of London in a fun and engaging way. Larry, and all of his friends, live and work in the City, and each story is based on an actual London bus route. The books and apps educate youngsters on a whole array of current topics, from historical and modern landmarks, through to sport and religion. 

The series also aims to educate young children on road safety and as part of that campaign six schools in London and Essex were invited to enter a competition to create a jingle to run alongside an animated YouTube video. The brief was fairly open - any genre, one-minute long.

Godfrey is more used to composing for TV shows like TOWIE (listen here!) than writing music for children, but explains, "All five of my children were excited about Larry when I told them." (So we're guessing pester power won the day here!) Being something of a perfectionist Godfrey ending up composing three versions of his jingle, but his final entry, he says, is, "catchy and contemporary with a hint of urban street credibility that ... drives the fundamental road safety message" home.


Rebecca, on the other hand, immediately knew she wanted to try and keep her jingle simple, with short phrases to help make it more memorable. "This was to make it sound a bit more playful and fun," she says. "Although it's a very serious message to get across, I felt a catchy tune would help it along. I can easily remember the 'Finger of Fudge' advert from my childhood, due to it's very easy structure and simple phrasing." ( All together now: "A Finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat..." She's right!)

Rebecca will send us a photo she's happy with at some point (hee hee) but you can hear Rebecca's work here:

The deadline is this Thursday, June 15th, so I can't reveal Godfrey and Rebecca's entries just yet, but rest assured we'll let you in on the secret soon!

The winning candidate/s will receive a £250 cash prize for the music department of their school and £250 in gift vouchers for themselves. The creator of Larry the London Bus and Friends also generously continues to donate all proceeds from the paperback books sold online to national and international children's charities. Larry’s upcoming ventures involve a national road trip, inviting primary school and disadvantaged children out for exciting day trips, on a real-life, London double-decker bus! 

And in the meantime, with Godfrey aiming to continue his work in film, TV and video games after graduation, (Check out his website: and Rebecca looking to create a cooperative of female musicians working in media, theatre and live performance, we are sure the Larry the London Bus competition won't be the last we hear of these two talented musicians!