Events - A Wave of Wonderful Well-Being Workshops

Colchester offers a plethora of opportunities to look after our mental health - we've rounded up some of the most interesting and relevant events and workshops coming up locally.

We all know it's important to look after our bodies with good nutrition and physical activity, but in the hustle bustle of our everyday lives it's often difficult to find time to evaluate our emotional well-being. Luckily our lil ol' town has come up trumps with some really interesting and worthwhile workshops which aim to help us balance and enhance our mental health.

First up is Goals 2018, running this Saturday, January 27th at Firstsite. This creative coaching event will provide a fun space for you to embark on a guided journey to discover what you really want out of this year. Expect guided meditation, craft, dance and visualisation boards, so that you finish the day with clarity about your objectives, and how to make them happen. (Early bird prices apply till 12 noon on Friday.)

Sometimes your outlook on life can be boosted simply by surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Sunday, February 4th sees the first in a series of monthly brunches, hosted by The Women's Huddle at SPACE, 37 Queen Street. A newly formed group, the Huddle aims to bring together women of all ages who are feeling disillusioned, burnt-out, stressed, disenfranchised or unsupported. Each session will be partly focused on well-being (including some simple mindfulness, movement and relaxation activities), part feminist workshop (discussing a different theme each month) and part supportive network (looking at how women can best empower and help each other and the next generation).The theme this month is The Caring Imperative: Women and Selflessness, and a vegan brunch is included in the cost. 

If it's the cold and darkness that's making it hard to feel positive then head to Brightlingsea from February 1st to 12th for Winterfest. This is a series of arts and music events designed to engage the community and banish the winter blues, from spoken word open mic to jazz, comedy to folk rock. And on Saturday the 10th there is a whole day at Brightlingsea Community Centre specifically dedicated to well-being, with stalls, music, crafts, fun for the kids and workshops including mindfulness, creative writing and tai chi.

And finally, for this round-up, if you've ever been called 'over-sensitive' (RAISES HAND), if you often feel like you take on other people's energies, or get pushed around emotionally, then yogi and nutritionist Dawn Lucht has the perfect event for you. Saturday, March 17th, join the Sensitive Souls Workshop in CO2 and learn not only how to accept and recognise the strength in your sensitivity but also how to manage your emotions, create stronger boundaries, make better choices and learn the way of a Jedi master! Wow! We're in!

So, Colcestrians, in the coming months take the time to work on your mental health for a few hours, and return to the daily grind refreshed and focused for the year ahead. You know it makes sense!