Events - Hunt and Darton's Colchester Arts Centre Jumble Sale

Colchester Arts Centre's annual jumble sale promises not only bargains but a performance art experience! We talk to Hunt & Darton themselves before tomorrow's big event.

Tell us about yourselves and what inspired you to work together?

Hunt & Darton are a Live Art Collaboration between Jenny Hunt and Holly Darton. We have both practiced art since graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2003 and been working together for 10 years. Approaching Live Art from a Fine Art background we work across mediums with a sculptural approach to performance, choreographing words and movement in a sensory way and setting up alternative spaces – often creating installations to perform within. Our work derives from our shared celebrations and anxieties surrounding life choices particularly as women, in Britain, now. Our work has been described as deadpan and absurd, often collapsing into humour. We have a persistent fetish within our practice to consistently re-assess our relationship with our audience, embracing awkward moments, risk taking and constantly trying to close the gap between performer and viewer opting for a raw, underdone, conversational aesthetic.

You are no strangers to us, as Colchester enjoyed the delights of your pop up cafe last year - what has inspired you to run a further event here? 

We love Colchester, we love Ant at the Arts Centre- we want to bring more art and meet more of Colchester. We have a humble following in Colchester and can’t wait to share more of what we do. We like Jumble sale- a lot. We can’t wait to jumble with you. (For those who aren't aware of last year's event,  Hunt & Darton are also the creators of the award-winning Hunt & Darton Cafe a pop-up interactive performance/installation and fully-functioning café where food, service and business are the art with guest waiters, themed days and the sensational signature dish, the roast dinner sandwich. Hunt & Darton popped up at Firstsite Gallery in 2016.)

Tell us what delights we can expect at the Hunt and Darton Jumble Sale at the Colchester Art Centre on 7th January?

Don’t miss the grand opening at midday with a very special fanfare. Expect brilliant bargains including a ‘Reveal’ at 3pm of extra special tut. Games such as ‘Put it On’ where we invite the public to put on as many clothes as they can in 20 seconds- the best dressed wins what they are wearing. Chalked up sales announced hourly by fancy dressed members of the public. A Dutch auction (where the price goes down), collective action in ‘Turn It Over’ where we slowly turn the clothes to that track by Bonnie Tyler. A proper catwalk show made with and by punters, bookable 1:1 personal shopping experiences with Artist Scottee. Used Oracles and Vintage Prophecy’ readings by Artist Stacy Makishi; See: Genuine Second-Hand Psychic with Second Sight. Receive: Recycled visions and Extrasensory Jumble. A Fix it while you wait service for minor alterations and adornments by Colchester’s very own Stitch and Bitch bitches. Product demonstrations by Hunt & Darton- expect deadpan throughout and of course light refreshments and bar. Punters will be delighted and bemused as they browse amongst the piles of underpriced riches, all in the name of Art.

We see that you also have loads of exciting projects planned such as your Radio Local project, tell us about how people can get involved and where you will be popping up next?

Radio Local is exciting! It's going to be a 24 hour durational performance on Cambridge Leisure Park commissioned by Cambridge Junction for its annual Watch Out Festival - a festival of new experimental performance. The radio show is hosted by Hunt & Darton with the entire content built live over the duration with and by the people living in the immediate area - a truly local radio show. We will be asking audiences to build the radio show with us from creating jingles, phone-ins, features and taking on the responsibility of what discs should be spun. We are also taking over the airways with a live take over of Cambridge 105 Community radio station. Get involved by tuning in or coming down to see us on May 27th midday- May 28th midday
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Photos by Christa Holka.