Events/Kids - JaJaJa Books presents Ranvir Cannot Hear

Got curious little ones? Then you’ll want to be at the GO4 Café @ the Rec on Good Friday, for a delightful, inclusive event.

Is there no end to the talents in our town?! Genevieve Yusuf may be exotically named but she’s a born-and-bred Colcestrian who after a few years of living abroad and across Essex has returned to roost with her young family in a town she feels has a great sense of community and opportunity.

Genevieve is the founder of JaJaJa Books, a company that holds a dominant place in a niche market. Her first books, published 5 years ago, are written predominantly in English with Spanish or French slipped into the context, so that children learn whilst enjoying a fun story.

Her newest book is the delightful tale Ranvir Cannot Hear which is about acceptance, inclusion and empowerment and also includes the BSL and ASL alphabets in the back for children (and their parents!) to learn. The book has been voted Book of the Month by Prima Baby Magazine and Resource of the Week by the Times Educational Supplement.

Beautifully illustrated by Shermain Philip, Ranvir Cannot Hear tells the story of a little elephant who finds that, while he may not be able to do what’s expected of him, with a little help from his friends he can discover his own hidden talent. Inspired by the pupils of the Rangammal School for hearing impaired children in India, 10 pence from each sale will go to help their journeys.

Genevieve stresses that learning any language should be fun and accessible and is convinced that, if children have good early experiences with any language they will feel they can continue with it later in life.

In order to promote this vision JaJaJa Books is running a book-reading, signing and craft session at the GO4 Cafe @ the Rec in Old Heath, Colchester on Good Friday at 11am. All the details are in our events listings.

Genevieve has three more books in the pipeline, a Mini Sponges Spanish album of children’s songs coming out and is also running a new beginner’s online Spanish course for adults! Hers is a small business that makes a BIG difference!

As a special gift to Colchester Life cardholders only, Genevieve is offering a free Mini Sponges Spanish lesson for children aged 4 and upwards.

Contact Genevieve via or by email: or call 079 8997 1113.