Foodie Friday - Jack's Food Shack Catering

A little ol' place where we can eat together.

The Jack behind Jack's Food Shack Catering is Colchester born and raised, with a background in home cooking and a knowledge of nutrition from his work in health and fitness. Wanting to do something he loves in his historic home town, he started Jack's Shack, which fits perfectly into the quirky and enterprising atmosphere we seem to be creating in recent years. 

Jack's Shack is keen to stand out from the blossoming foodie crowd and likes to think they offer something a bit different: Friendly, hassle-free service and hearty comfort food to warm the cockles.

The business can cater to all menu preferences, including vegan and vegetarian, and as mobile caterers they can turn their hand to almost any cuisine. They offer everything from canapes and buffets to barbecues and dinner parties. Their vision is to grow their pop-up food market by introducing a number of events across Colchester and the surrounding boroughs in the coming months. 

Offering dinner parties from £18.95 a head, canapes from £4.95 a head and buffets from £6.95 a head, the five-star ratings Jack's Shack have been receiving suggest they are not only getting their pricing right. 

Certainly Jack's Shack hasn't hung around in getting their name out there - they have created a vegan menu for the Colchester Buddhist Centre, catered for Colchester Connect's latest networking event and, as listed on our events page, they are holding a free-to-enter pop-up restaurant at the Curve Bar on East Hill on May 5th with delicious food and local musicians to make a real family-friendly evening of it. Details in our events page.

And, if you're a Colchester Life discount cardholder Jack's Shack will offer you any of their food baskets at a £1 discount, because, well, we're worth it. 

Get in touch with Jack's Food Shack Catering through our directory or, if you're a dog lover you might find Jack giving his labrador a walk through Highwoods Country Park. Otherwise, when not working he'll probably be enjoying a cheeky pint at the ever-popular Church Street Tavern.

Jack's Food Shack Catering, a little ol' place where we can eat together.