Foodie Friday - Jolly Cakes and Bakes

We love Foodie Friday here at Colchester Life, and whether you're crazy for cupcakes, or partial to a pasty, today's local business can deliver - with love!

Tatiana Cavalcante is a big-hearted Brazilian with Italian heritage, who spent 10 years in Brighton, working in catering firms big and small, before making a move to Colchester – a town she describes as beautiful, open-minded, family orientated and full of history. (Oh, Tatiana, you had us at ‘beautiful’!)

Tatiana’s plan was always to have her own catering business where she could indulge her passion for food, develop her Latin and Mediterranean culinary background and most importantly, run a unique independent business with an ethical philosophy. The sense of community Tatiana says she has found in Colchester empowered her to create Jolly Cakes and Bakes, where she does just that - making things from scratch, with love and authenticity, not compromising quality for the lure of a quick buck.

Making everything from tray bakes to elaborate celebration cakes, beef pasties and sausage rolls (she’s currently supplying GO4 Café) Jolly Cakes and Bakes does exactly what it says on the tin, and their shortbread is to die for! Whether you need a cake with wow-factor for a special occasion, some help with planning a party or a regular supply of goodies for a club or shop, Tatiana is your woman. And if you need gluten-free, or have some other requirement, that can be accommodated too.

While Tatiana is very confident about the quality of her products she’s still finding her feet with marketing the business, and getting her products out there, but with stalls at various events coming up, including Trinity Street Festival next week, we’re sure Colcestrians will take Tatiana (and her double chocolate cupcakes with a milk chocolate centre, covered with white chocolate ganache) to heart!

And as an extra incentive to try Tatiana’s delicious food she is offering a 10% discount exclusively to Colchester Life cardholders on the price of a bespoke themed cake, for whatever celebration you have coming up! Particularly useful if you have a child who has their heart set on a certain type of cake, and your baking skills resemble this:

Why would you do that to someone you love?! Let Tatiana impress with something more like this:

All the contact details for Jolly Cakes & Bakes are in our directory, or come and sample their wares at the Trinity Street Festival on May 21st. (We'll be the ones with chocolate icing on our noses!) See you there!