Foodie Friday- Lunch by Lancaster

It's a great British tradition, the cooked breakfast. Mr S and I are perpetually on the hunt to find the best that Colchester can offer. This task has become more difficult since I took the decision to become veggie.

Enter stage left, Lunch by Lancaster on St Isaac's walk. Renowned for it's American inspired sandwiches, Mr S has a firm favourite in the North Carolina panini. Lunch has become the place to get your ultimate takeaway lunch.

All the preparation of the meat is done in house and all of their paninis are inspired by Amercian states. recently a range of burgers have been added to their delicious menu and a range of salads are also available. To top off their success they have also been nominated for the British Takeaway Awards and naked as one of the top takeaways in the country.

Mr S had stumbled across their breakfast menu a few months back and with a few days of holidays looming and trying to divert our attention away from painting our house, we headed to Lunch so I could see if Mr S rave reviews were warranted and trust me, they were!

Upon entering I had begun to despair as I didn't spy a veggie option on the menu board so resigned myself to just having a cup of coffee. However the gentlemen behind the counter proved helpful, offering to cook up their huge breakfast without any meat. So take note vegetarians, if you don't spy a veggie option, ask behind the counter.

Trust me we didn't leave hungry and all for the reasonable price of £15.90 so top marks from the Colchester Life team.

Lunch can be found at 47 St Isaac's Walk, Colchester