Foodie Friday - Review: Middleton's

Colchester Life's Sarah and Pete braved the Saturday night crowds to try dinner at the newly refurbished North Hill eatery.

Middleton's reopened late last year, and visiting on a Saturday evening contributors Sarah and Pete were unsuprised to see that the restaurant was heaving. A warm welcome awaited them however from staff members Mia and Steph; indeed Sarah was very impressed throughout with the attentive and efficient service, with no long waits, tap water brought to the table without having to ask, and servers that kept smiles on their faces.

So far so good, but what of the food? For starters, Sarah had the vegetarian option of halloumi and vegetable skewers - a generous portion with juicy peppers and tasty mushrooms. Pete's calamari came with a creamy garlicky dip, and wasn't too greasy. 


Sarah chose a bottle of white wine to accompany the meal, but on reflection is unsure that was the best choice, as when she paid more attention to the drinks menu, she saw that there is a very tempting range of cocktails she would have liked to dip into! Looking around it seemed that everyone else was doing just that, so lesson learnt!

Mains were steak and spicy chicken and a new-on-the-menu blue cheese burger. Between them Sarah and Pete had three side dishes of slightly anaemic fries, sweet potato fries and a refreshing, crisp Caesar salad. All the dishes were full of flavour, filling and presented beautifully, although we know some people do have issues with being served food on slates or wooden boards! (Middleton's tell us if you prefer a plate, you only have to ask!)


All this good nosh left no room for dessert, unfortunately, although with a classic, but perhaps unadventurous selection featuring brownies, banoffee pie, Eton mess and lemon meringue pie, there's bound to be something you like, if you can fit it in!

The buzzy atmosphere at Middletons may not be conducive to a quiet night a deux, and the night Sarah & Pete were there there was a lot of large, rather noisy groups dining, but if you're looking for an attractive, spacious restaurant, at an affordable price point and with a menu that is sure to cater to all appetites, you really can't go wrong. On your visit just be sure to avoid Sarah's error and avail yourself of the cocktail menu!

Middletons Steakhouse & Grill is at 19-20 North Hill, Colchester, CO1 1DZ. Reservations by tel: 01206 542854 or their website: