Kids - Book Review: The Bag by D.J. Cattrell

The popular Colcestrian children's author has released his new book, the sequel to The Bucket. Colchester Life's youngest member gives her verdict!

D.J. Cattrell (Jason to his friends) doesn't want to educate kids - he wants to inspire them, and believes giggling should be compulsory in any syllabus! As well as conducting story-telling sessions and encouraging kids to perform poetry, he writes magical novels for children that are proving extremely popular.

The second, The Bag, has just been released. Colchester Life's youngest member, 10-year-old Bean, writes her review:

"When my mum gave me The Bag to read, I wasn't sure if I would like it. I don't really like Harry Potter and I am not really into fantasy books. I am more of a David Walliams girl, so I probably wouldn't have picked this book to read off the shelf. However, I am very glad that I did read it! 

"It is set in a different world, full of magical creatures like a huge white tiger, dwarfs and the evil witch, The Esmeralda. I really like that the main characters in the book are girls - sisters Sarah and Rachel. Usually if a girl is a main character it is a book about ballet or princesses, but Sarah and Rachel are strong and brave. They have different personalities and you feel like you get to know them.

"The writing is very detailed and it makes you imagine the characters as you read - especially The Esmeralda. I liked the bit when she changed her appearance to trick the girls, and the book said that they knew it was her because she still had the same eyes. It's true that even if you cut your hair or put on make-up you can't change your eyeballs!

"This is a book that takes you to a different world of imagination. If you like getting lost in a book, getting upset or angry along with the characters, and cheering them on, then I recommend it. It is quite a complicated story, so I would recommend it for children from 10 years up. And even if you think you don't like magic or fantasy, try it! I would like to say to the author, I absolutely loved the book, and you are a very good writer, so thank you."

Editor's Note: Anyone who knows Bean will tell you she is honest to a fault, so it was much to our relief that she enjoyed the book!

If your child likes the sound of The Bag, then pop along to our wonderful independent bookshop Red Lion Books this Saturday, July 15th, from 3:15pm, where you can not only pick up a copy of the book, but meet the author and get it signed! Wow!