Learning/Community - Colchester Festival of Lifelong Learning

Whether you're 16 or 60+ Colchester offers a plethora of adult education opportunities. Come along this weekend and start on a journey of learning something new!

Did you know Colchester is lucky enough to have an organisation dedicated to learning in adult life? Called Learning Never Stops, the charity is made up of local educators and historians (and a certain well-known ex-mayor!) and evolved out of their involvement in Greyfriars when it used to be an adult education college. The trustees believe fervently in the benefits of lifelong learning and through their latest project they hope to share that passion a little wider.

Some books on local history the charity has published

So, this weekend, Friday 30th June and Saturday 1 July, Learning Never Stops will hold the first ever Colchester Festival of Lifelong Learning, from 11am to 3pm on both days at the Town Hall. The aim is to encourage and support the widest possible participation in adult learning, and the Festival (and the charity's incredibly useful website) will gather together the plethora of opportunities our town has on offer, and offer advice and guidance to those who may be thinking of starting on a new journey.


They aim to show that lifelong learning isn't just about developing your career or retraining - the charity considers that taking part in any professionally organised educational activity assists in the maintenance of good health, both physically and mentally, and can combat social isolation. And let's face it, it can be a lot of fun. Whether it's learning enough Spanish to be able to order more than 'dos cervezas' while on holiday or indulging your long-held CSI fantasies on a forensic science course, Colchester can deliver.

Learning Never Stops also believe that our individual efforts become much more than the sum of their parts - "Learning in adult life contributes significantly towards the development and sustainability of a civilised and cohesive society. Positive learning opportunities experienced at all stages of life foster open, enquiring minds and help to build greater understanding between individuals, generations and communities and build stronger neighbourhoods," they say. And we couldn't agree more.

Why not take the plunge this weekend and visit the town hall to see what courses are available? Maybe you want to find a new hobby (and new friends?) or rediscover an old passion. Maybe you've always secretly wanted to learn something you never had the chance to, like floristry or art history? Or perhaps you are simply determined to lay to rest the ghosts of maths-lessons past. Learning Never Stops will be delighted to help you find the right opportunity for you.