Local Business Heroes - Atlantis Office

Family-run specialist posture seating and office furniture, with a Colchester Life card-holder discount and free gift offer - don’t sit for anything less!

Born and bred in Colchester Joel Ivell decided as a young man that studying business wasn’t quite floating his boat. Instead he dived right into getting a business running, and started Atlantis Office originally as an online shop selling office furniture.

Over the years he started to specialise in posture seating (or what he calls bad back chairs!), and soon realised that people need to be able to sit in the chairs to try them out – hence his showroom was born! Over the last 3 years the range has expanded and Atlantis now have a huge selection of posture chairs, along with leather, fabric and operator office chairs.

Joel likes his Colchester location because it’s close to the A12 which allows customers easy access from all over the county and beyond. Atlantis will even pick up customers from the station, if they prefer to travel by train. He admits, though, that they have sacrificed a ‘high street’ location for the space needed in their CO2 showroom to display the furniture in true-to-life office style settings, to give customers a better feel for how the furniture would work in their own office or study.

When not advising customers on how best to sit, Joel and his time find time to relax by taking their dogs for walks in the local area, and they cite the ever popular Bella Pais on St John’s Street as their favourite Colchester dinner spot.

Joel emphasises that, while Atlantis love selling to the whole of the UK, they love it even more when people buy from the showroom as it means they get to meet their customers in person - so as a special incentive to Colchester Life card holders Joel is offering 5% off per order, and a free back support (https://www.atlantisoffice.co.uk/Soho-Back-Support) on orders of £300 or more excluding VAT.

So if your back is twinging, you find yourself slouching at your desk or your rusty old filing cabinet could do with an upgrade, get in touch with Joel and his team:

Website / Shop: www.atlantisoffice.co.uk

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