Local Business Heroes - Ginger & Fraggle

Cards with a wicked sense of humour, prints with tough love... ahem ..motivational messages - Holly from Ginger & Fraggle's beautiful and unusual hand-crafted items will certainly make you giggle!

Tell us about you, Holly.

I was born in Colchester. I moved away years ago for university, but I came back to settle here as it’s where my family are and family is super important to me. I’m an ex-art student – art and creativity has always been my passion, ever since I was a little girl. I’d kind of lost touch with it throughout my career so it’s nice to have an outlet again.

Tell us about your business.

Ginger and Fraggle is a creative business that I started after a series of quite traumatic life events. It was a bit of a spontaneous leap but I’m so glad I did it. I still work full-time as well so it certainly keeps me busy. I started with greetings cards (mostly rude!) and prints (mostly motivational!) but more recently I’ve been experimenting with more things like personalised goods – anything a bit quirky. I do use it as a bit of a creative outlet – it’s the ex-art student in me – but it’s nice finding my way for the business through experimentation and not being too static. 

Tell us about your most popular product.

My most popular products are actually bespoke prints, where people want something a bit special. I love it when they receive them and I get the feedback that they love them; it’s great to be part of someone’s special memories.


Tell us where we can find your products.

I mostly sell online so I’m proud to say my business is international – I’ve even sold prints as far as Canada! I try to get out and about to sell at events but can be restricted by working full-time. Also, I don’t always ‘fit’ at local craft fairs because of my rather wicked sense of humour (people either tut or laugh out loud when they read my cards) so sometimes events I can sell at can be limited.

Tell us which indies you like to support locally.

I love places like Grain and Il Padrino – supporting independents is always good in my books. There’s a new food place called Brunch down North Station Road – I often nip in there when I’m at my ‘day job’. The ladies in there are fab and so accommodating, the choice is really brilliant too.

All Holly's contact details and social media is available in our directory: Ginger & Fraggle (Check out her website for examples of the naughtier cards and prints on offer!)