Local Business Heroes - RemRen Photography

Perfectionist Michael runs RemRen Photography, offering vibrant, beautiful images of your event or celebration - with 10% off for Colchester Life cardholders!

What brought you to Colchester, Michael?

I have lived in Colchester now for 4 years. I settled here with my family after I completed university and had my first child. 

Why did you decide to start an independent business in Colchester? 

I decided to start an independent business in Colchester because I saw a great opportunity. I have been doing photography as a hobby for over 10 years and decided that I should challenge myself to do more. When people starting liking and really enjoying my work, I thought I'd better take this thing seriously!

Tell us some more about your business and your vision for your company.

My business is called RemRen Photography. I cover event photography so that's weddings, birthdays, new babies, proposals etc. My vision is that my name will become affiliated with Colchester and quality. We will be inseperable. When you think of photography in Colchester, my business and name should be mentioned. Big dream. Relentless workrate. 


What do you like about running a business in Colchester? What are the challenges?

What I like about running my business here is the range of natural landscapes I can shoot in. A wedding can look beautiful here but I can capture the hardships of the area. Every street has a different story. What I find difficult is that I am a photographer that does not filter much. I include every line and wrinkle. Every issue and problem. I did a piece on the homeless that was hard for people to take and come to terms with but I stay true to my photographic integrity.


Where’s your favourite place to eat/drink in the town right now? 

Favourite place to eat right now is Albatta, a Lebanese restaurant on Sir Isaac's Walk. Tell them I sent you...

Where is Colchester ‘best kept secret’ in your opinion? What do you like to do most when not running your business? 

Colchester's best kept secret is my morning walking route. So secret I cannot reveal it. I don't want it congested. (Editor's Note: Spoilsport!!) When I am not running the business, I am a father of three under-5s so I am always busy, but I like to play basketball. Still waiting on some better weather though. 

Would your business be willing to offer a small discount or free gift upon purchase to holders of the Colchester Life Discount Card?

Colchester Life Discount Card holders can immediately benefit from a 10% discount. If a client makes a successful recommendation to a friend within a month of job completion RemRen Photography will give that client a 20% discount on the next job they commission. 

All Michael's contact details are in the Colchester Life RemRen Photography directory listing.