Local Business Heroes - Sam Kelly, Photographer

There's a lot to love about our beautiful town, but sometimes it takes a fresh view to discover it. Meet Sam Kelly, a photographer new to Colchester, who tells us, in his own words, why he believes it's the perfect place for his business.

We came to Colchester one year ago to start a new chapter in our family's life. Our son was due to finish secondary school and the town in which we lived, we felt, lacked the variety and opportunity that we needed to move our lives forward.  Coming to Colchester has really changed our paths for the better, the town is vibrant and full of interesting places to discover, you can't get bored living here!

It's been 3 years since first picking up a nice new DSLR camera and starting to take photography more seriously, inspired in part by the beauty of the night sky, it became clear that I needed a flashier camera to capture those stars in the way that I wanted to.  Soon enough my attention turned to musicians and live shows, I have loved live bands since my teens and who can say no to capturing shots of passionate and dynamic individuals on stage?  Not me, especially in such close proximity to beer and cider on tap!

After we moved I was at long last able to upgrade my photography equipment to a professional level. The many many hours of practice were finally rewarded by being able to present my compositions with the quality that I feel is essential.  Since then I've shot weddings, live musicians, models for a clothing company, landscapes, families and even event photography at a local music festival.


Colohester is perfect for me, with such characterful buildings and beautiful green spaces, there is always something going on and I feel like if I blink I will miss something!  I feel very lucky to have moved to this town.

I would like to mention my other passion which is a close second to photography...food!  I love cooking IF I get the time, but I'm equally happy to go out and sample some of the town's many different restaurants.  I recommend Colchester's "Noodle Zone", it's an Asian fusion restaurant that we've had the pleasure of eating at a couple of times, they really know how to use those spices to make your taste buds tingle, I mean this literally!  Do yourself a favour and order yourself the "Pad Thai" noodles ; 

Self Portrait

Before I sign off, I'd like to offer a free gift to Colchester Life cardholders.  I generally send my clients high resolution copies of the images that I take for them, giving them freedom to reproduce the photographs and even distribute them to friends and family.  Any Colchester Life cardholder will also receive a FREE print of their choice, delivered by yours truly!

Editor's note: Isn't his enthusiasm contagious? All Sam's contact details are in our directory