Local Business Heroes - Secret Hamper

Colchester Life has fallen in love with this new local business, which offers a lovely way to make someone else feel very special, and an opportunity to enhance your karma! And for Colchester Life cardholders, an extra incentive to spread some warm and fuzzies!

When you think of hampers what comes to mind? Luxurious bottles of fizz and indulgent chocolate truffles packed in an unwieldy wicker basket with lots of wasteful packaging? Such an ostentatious gift may get your name remembered till the goodies are gone, but Secret Hamper has an altogether different and far more altruistic aim in mid.

Secret Hamper offers a service which enables all of us to embrace our inner superhero by sending a box full of essentials to a loved one or friend going through a tough time. Rather than a showy gift which may not really hit the mark when it comes to practicality, Secret Hampers’ hampers are packed in plain cardboard packaging which is easily recycled and are stuffed full of helpful essentials and comforting items that will really come in useful. If you feeling extra virtuous the masked heroes at Secret Hamper will, as the name suggests, even arrange for the hamper to de delivered anonymously! Either way your recipient will certainly have a warm glow, knowing they somebody cared enough to send a really thoughtful helping hand.

The hampers are tailored to suit the needs of students arriving for the start of term, an elderly neighbour who could do with some tea and sympathy, a friend who may just be going through a rough patch, new parents slightly overwhelmed by baby’s arrival, the owners of a four-legged friend, or, and we think particularly inspired, a friend or relative in a care home, whom one may not be able to visit as much as one would like.

Secret Hamper is the brainchild of Nigel, who spent many years commuting long hours to a career in the money markets of London. With three young children Nigel decided it was time to stick closer to home and he now commutes to his office by micro scooter! He wants Secret Hamper to be the go-to place for people to turn to when they want to make someone they care about feel special, and to further extend that warmth his vision includes a wonderful charitable dimension too.  On the site you’ll find a facility to make a small donation, from £1 upwards – when enough people have done their bit the Secret Hamper heroes make up a wonderful hamper and send it to a nominated charity or needy individual, with the recipients changing monthly. It’s a great way to feel that you’ve made someone’s day a little bit brighter with minimal expense and effort.

Secret Hamper has all the right ingredients to be a successful company with a conscience – our absolutely favourite kind! And for Colchester Life cardholders only – Secret Hamper will add an extra item to every hamper you purchase as a special bonus for your chosen recipient!

All Secret Hamper’s details are on our business place directory here: http://colchesterlife.co.uk/place/secret-hamper/