Local Business Heroes, Special Event - The Big Vintage Jolly!

Lesley's Girls Vintage at the GO4 Market is having one last big blow out on 21st December- vintage gifts, drinks, live music, the works!

Tell us some more about your business and why you decided to start a small business?

Well, for starters I love history and I love vintage and so I started Lesley’s Girls Vintage in 2011 after I had my second child Jonny, when I wanted to get back to work but do something different from my previous HR consultant career. Initially I launched it with my sister Susannah, and we named it after our now deceased mother Lesley.  Susannah quickly found out she was pregnant with her third child and so I’ve have solely run Lesley’s Girls online for 5 years and been in the shop at GO4 Market Café for nearly 4. However, Susannah’s support and opinions have always been incredibly valuable over the years for the shop.  We focus on pre 1970s vintage and have a range of reproduction designers in store as well.

What is The Big Vintage Jolly on the 21st of December? What can people expect?

After nearly four years in GO4 I thought I owed it to my shop, customers and myself to have a bit of a jolly!  I also run a wandering cocktail bar and we thought we’d bring it to the shop for some special prosecco cocktails!  We’ll be running special offers on current stock and taking pre-orders for new stock at reduced prices. PLUS everyone gets a Christmas gift (while stock last), there will be live music and our Secret Santa trunk- where you buy a mystery wrapped vintage goodie for either yourself or a friend for £6 (£1 of which goes to the Pay It Forward Breakfast scheme at GO4).

What does the future hold for Lesley's Girl Vintage?

Due to changes in my personal circumstances and the growth of my online side of the business I have sadly decided to close the shop down and purely focus online.

Tell us about your new business, Dotted Fox. What inspired you to start another business?

Over he past few years I have hosted numerous events (including the Secret Vintage Fair), cocktail parties and our wandering bar has been popping up here and there!  I also do a lot of marketing on behalf of other people and as such it made sense to pull all these threads together under one business.  We are also getting a studio office space in 37 Queen Street which will help take the business to the next level.

There are so many great events in the run up to Christmas, which events excite you?

Hats off most exciting event has to be The Waiting Room New Years event.  I am gutted I can’t go to it due to other commitments that night but it looks amazing, it has given that part of town a huge boost, and the team down there are incredibly supportive of local community- plus I LOVE the design in there, so simple and yet amazing- I think local Emily Morely of Studio CanCan had a hand in the interior design.

How long have you lived in Colchester and tell us one of your favourite things about the town?

I have actually lived in Colchester all my life, apart from when I was away to University.  It’s a beautiful town full of history and that has to be my favourite part about it- the history.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in the town right now?  Do you have a go-to spot at the weekend?

Oh, it has to be The Den - I adore their quick but DELICIOUS vegan food and they do a great Gingerbread Latte. Also, the new coffee shop Crouch Street Bakes is a little gem on my way to the school run and the girls who run it are lovely!

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