Local Business Heroes - Style Junki

Style Junki's Melanie Kelly gives upcycled furniture the love it needs to become a bespoke showstopper

The artist behind Style Junki grew up in the small Essex village of Finchingfield, and has fond memories of visiting Colchester as a child. Wanting to move somewhere with more space once her son left school, she says her fondness for Colchester and its friendly, arty atmosphere made choosing a new location a no-brainer.

Always creative, Melanie's first few upcycled furniture pieces were made as a hobby and sold at cost, but last year she decided to officially start a business and although she says she faces the challenges any start up does, she cites Colcestrians' diversity and encouragement as instrumental in building her confidence. And she's earning rave reviews. Her pieces are simply gorgeous, oozing with colour and originality.


Melanie is buzzing with ideas for original, decorative, useful pieces of furniture that embrace their owner's uniqueness in all it's glory. Her passion for colour she blames on a '90s childhood influenced by neon raves and funky shellsuits, but she's happy to work to her clients' brief and create more neutral pieces, should that be requested. 


For Melanie, seeing a piece she has created in someone's home and knowing it will be treasured and passed down to the next generation is the biggest thrill. Whether you choose something from Melanie's stockroom to be made over, or you have a piece you'd like transformed, Style Junki can make it happen.

Visit Style Junki's social media to see more examples of her work. All the details are in our directory: Style Junki

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