Local Business Heroes - The Wright Fit

Fitness for people who don't do fitness! Personal training to help you achieve health and happiness. And with a 10% discount for Colchester Life cardholders, there really is no excuse (dammit!)

Madelyn Wright came to Colchester 13 years ago to study psychology at the University of Essex and has never left! Now with strong roots in our town she has taken the step of starting her own business as a healthy living mentor, incorporating personal training with self-development, to create a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Madelyn makes the somewhat surprising admission that she never considered herself a potential gym bunny, so when she wanted to lose some weight she chose to join a gym aimed at people who don't like gyms. There she discovered that she could, in fact, ‘do’ fitness and this revelation led to her working in the same gym within two years. Her personal journey inspired her to help other people find an approach to fitness that works for them, especially those who, like her, initially think they can’t possibly do it. The Wright Fit was born to show those people how to take simple, manageable steps towards a healthier lifestyle and a happier mind.

Madelyn feels her approach is refreshingly different to the ‘boot camp’ style training which has arisen in recent years – her advice to clients doesn't just include exercise and healthy eating, but also a focus on happiness and mental health, and creating realistic and achievable habits that are driven from within.

And, says Madelyn, Colchester is the perfect location for The Wright Fit because there are so many lovely green spaces where you can go jogging or meditate or just sit and watch the world go by. Plus, there are even free outdoor gyms at Castle Park and the Recreation Ground, among others. Her own favourite go-to spot is Highwoods Country Park, where she likes to sit by the lake and let go of any negative thoughts while the ducks argue over the tastiest bit of algae.

So if you don’t ‘do’ fitness, come out in chills at the thought of putting on lycra, and would rather eat your boots than attend a boot camp, drop Madelyn a line, and see how she can help ease you into a fitter, healthier, happy lifestyle! And as an extra incentive (should you need it!) The Wright Fit is offering 10% discount on all full-price active sessions to Colchester Life cardholders.

All Madelyn’s contact details are in our directory listings here: http://www.colchesterlife.co.uk/place/the-wright-fit/