Remarkable Colcestrians - Rebecca Hamilton, Search for a Song Winner

Remember the competition run by the creators of Larry the London Bus to find a road safety jingle? Well, UCC's Rebecca Hamilton only went and won it!

A little while ago we blogged the Search for a Song competition run by Larry the London Bus and Friends' creator. Larry, and all his friends, live and work in the City, and each story is based on an actual London bus route. The books and apps educate youngsters on a whole array of current topics, from historical and modern landmarks, through to sport and religion, but the series also aims to educate young children on road safety.

As part of that campaign six music schools in London and Essex were invited to enter a competition to create a jingle to run alongside an animated YouTube video. The brief was fairly open - any genre, one-minute long.

Well, we are delighted to reveal that the winning jingle has been chosen from the final 25 entries, and it was composed by Colcestrian Rebecca Hamilton, a Film Music and Soundtrack Production student at University Centre Colchester!

Rebecca (left) with Harriet of Larry the London Bus, holding her winner's cheque!

Becky is a mother of three who decided, when her youngest started nursery, that she didn't want to return to her career in web development, and instead turned back to her love of music and composition. She was thrilled, she tells us, when she received the email telling her she had won the competition, as not only will the prize money go towards software to help her work, but the jingle will be her first official credit as a composer! When she finishes her course Becky is looking forward to hiring studio space and collaborating with friends such as the electroswing DJ, producer and singer Tallulah Goodtimes.

Based on 12-bar blues, Becky's jingle has an easy, bouncy sound and repetitive lyrics that stick in your head, ensuring children in particular will not forget the important message about being very aware of your surroundings when out and about. And with next week being Road Safety Week, Becky's win couldn't have come at a better time!

To listen to Rebecca's jingle watch out for the posts from Larry the London Bus on Facebook this coming week, or check out the YouTube channel. Can't wait to hear it! Congratulations, Rebecca!