Small Business Hero- Lamb and Bear

Lamb and Bear is a delightful children's wear brand, launched in 2015. Colchester Life caught up with Alex, the creative force behind the brand to find out what she loves about Colchester.

Firstly tell us a bit about your business and why you decided to start it?

I run a children’s clothing line called Lamb & Bear which I started at the end of 2015. I decided to launch my own brand after becoming a little obsessed with printed leggings for my son, and through blogging I’ve noticed there’s a huge demand for quirky prints on children’s clothing. Prints that aren’t too ‘childish’ and a bit cool. I’ve worked as a fashion designer for over 6 years, and after being made redundant a couple of months before the launch I decided to concentrate on my brand and blog (and family!)

How long have you lived in Colchester and tell us one of your favourite things about the town?

I moved to Colchester when I was 10. I’m originally from South Yorkshire. I love Colchester because it offers culture, but is constantly being developed and modernised. One day you could be walking around the castle, the next you could be watching a fashion show at Firstsite.

There’s been a ton of great independent restaurants pop up recently, which we love! Where’s your favourite place to eat in the town right now?  Do you have a go-to spot at the weekend? Colchester has a ton of awesome new bars and cafes and we’re excited to share what’s going on in the town!

Since becoming a mother (and baby number 2 on the way!) I have little time to socialise. If I do manage a night out I like to go to Church Street Tavern - delicious food and amazing cocktails.

So where’s Colchester ‘Best kept secret’ in your option? We’re curious...and excited to find new places!

Like I said I’m not the best person to ask about places to socialise! I’ve heard of a new restaurant called The Cells which I’d love to try out. Eating in the old cells under the town hall sounds like a lot of fun!

Tell us what your favourite piece in the collection and what is the inspiration behind it? (Include a photo)

As I’ve only just launched my collection is very small. I’d have to say I love the Ponty The Giraffe Leggings. The inspiration for my whole brand is my son. The debut collection was inspired by days out with my son. ‘Ponty The Giraffe’ lives in Colchester Zoo and we visit there regularly. I took the photo and developed into a print for my clothing line. He’s also named after my best friend as we both love giraffes!

white giraffe single product image.jpg

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