The Classic Shaver - Mews Barbers - Church Street

Do you own a beard? I don't mean 'wear' or 'have' a beard, I mean 'own'. I thought I did. Like many modern gentleman my decision to have a beard has stemmed from the recent trend for a rugged, masculine appearance.

Beards are seen as fashionable and hipster, but do we know what to do with them? I was under the impression that I did, but truth be told, I was probably making it up as I went along. It should be simple to grow a beard- don't shave, and many men do just that and end up with the resulting facial hair. Attitudes to men's grooming has changed enormously in recent years. You only need to take a glance at the men's beauty product aisle in the supermarket to realise that the modern gentleman cares more about his appearance than ever before. Men are more than ever seeking that groomed appearance that is so prevalent in the media. However, replicating that is harder than it first seems, so I joined Claire at 'The Classic Shaver' today to find out more about my beard and to explore what services are on offer for the modern gentleman in Colchester.

'The Classic Shaver'

'The Classic Shaver' is located at 'Mew Barbers' on Church St. If you don't know where that is, then it's above 'Smiths' and next door to 'The Church St Tavern'.  Within this busy traditional barbers, you will find Claire on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Claire has a phenomenal amount of experience in hairdressing (a service that is still prevalent in her day-to-day), but has for the last few years seen her focus shift towards men's beard grooming and cut-throat shaving. 

Let's start with the basics. You can either pop in for a haircut, a shave or a beard groom. Or all of the above. I choose the beard grooming. If you do the same you can expect a clipper and scissors trim, a hot towel, a shape up with a cut-throat blade, a beard wash (with the most amazing smelling specialist Sawmill Beard Wash) and a beard oil treatment that gets massaged into your beard and skin. If you have never styled your beard before (i.e. you've just let it grow, or maybe you use clippers to give it a trim) I would recommend getting Claire to really shape your face fuzz into a style that you can show off with pride. 


Claire is an exceptional barber with customer service to match. I'm naturally curious, and so asked probably some peculiar questions, however Claire is so passionate about what she does she answered them all, and gave me extra info to boot. There was more to the event than just coming out with a neat beard, I feel like I learnt so much about facial hair. I learnt the importance of a beard shampoo (not borrowing the missus'). I learnt why a beard brush might be better than a comb. And I was also informed that there were particular areas of my beard line that are harder to get to myself when I'm trying to have a trim up. Probably reason enough to get someone else to do it for me in the future!


'The Classic Shaver' doesn't just work out of the barber shop, she has big plans for the future. One such plan is to grow her business within the wedding industry. I know from my own wedding that my wife paid a fortune for hair and makeup on her wedding day. Claire and I both agree that there is a market for the gentleman on their wedding day to get spruced up. Maybe as a gift to the groomsman? I would also recommend the eye mask that I had today, an optional extra available, just in case there were a few too many gins consumed the night before. Alternatively, 'The Classic Shaver' would make a great gift to partners, brothers, dads or just friends where you want to drop a subtle hint about the state of their beard! 

Popping into the 'The Classic Shaver' was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. It's different to the normal day-to-day, and represents a little treat for us guys. If this sounds like something you'll enjoy as much as I did, I suggest you give 'The Classic Shaver' a call and get your beard sorted! You might even learn a few things while you are there.