Vegan Week - Wild at Spirit

This new whippersnapper of a coffee house in lovely Eld Lane boasts an ice-cream parlour and fresh breakfasts & lunches - and it may just save a few relationships!

Are you a vegan whose partner is comfortably carnivorous? Or perhaps you're a meat-eater but you're dating a vegetarian you'd like to impress? Well, dear reader, newbie in town, Wild at Spirit may just be the place to score you some brownie points.

More than just a cosy little coffeehouse, Wild at Spirit, which opened just two months ago, offers good quality vegan and vegetarian food alongside traditional meat based dishes, as well as some exotic meat offerings! There are vegan breakfast and lunch options, and a regularly changing line-up of vegan ice-creams, sorbets and fruit ices, just perfect for the warmer weather.

All of the owners of this delightful new business have grown up in Colchester, and, unusually, they are all trained chefs. With a large and well-organised kitchen on the first floor of the building, Joshua, Executive Chef, ensures all food is prepared fresh to order and there is no risk of cross-contamination between the vegan and meat dishes.

Wild at Spirit also offer a range of unusual catering services, from sit down meals to canapés & barbecues. All of their catering menus feature sustainably sourced exotic meats and/or a range of delicious vegetarian & vegan options, so every one of your guests can try something new.

And, for those Boca/burger couples who may struggle to find menu options that suit them both, once a month the cafe hosts a canape evening that consists of five vegan and five exotic meat canapes, with the vegan food half the price of the meat dishes! Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the next date.

Joshua and the team say running their business in Colchester is particularly suited to their ambitions, as their customers are loyal but always looking for something new to try. Their cafe, they enthuse, is perfect for everyone. We think it may even save a fair few tiffs when it comes to arranging date nights for some mixed-diet couples!

All Wild at Spirit's contact details are in our directory and, get this, they are offering a whopping 20% discount to Colchester Life cardholders! If you don't have one already, surely that is reason enough?! Get yours now!