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Rough Sleepers Art Festival

11:00am - 4:00pm |
GO4 Cafe at the Rec
Recreation Ground
Roughsleepersart is a new and innovating concept to raise awareness, develop real relations and monetarily support homeless persons.

Announcing The ‘Rough Sleepers Art & Games Festival’ 

The Recreation Ground, Old Heath Road Colchester CO1 2ER
Saturday 4th August 2018 – 11am to 4pm

'Rejection is at the root and is the continuance of homelessness. Relationships combat rejection and Art of every genre is a medium to redefine relationships and deconstruct myths'.

Roughsleepersart is a new and innovating concept to raise awareness, develop real relations and monetarily support homeless persons. The project will have a flexible life span and it is hoped an ongoing application. It will be piloted in this region for a period of time, up to 4th August, when a cumulative festival will be available to participants.

The charities to benefit will include the CENS (Colchester Emergency Night Shelter), Beacon House the Day Centre for homeless, and the latest project the ‘Homeless Bus’. All recognised outreaches will be considered at the discretion of the organisers. Funds raised will be paid directly to the charities by the fund raisers themselves and not the organisers.

The Bus is the latest project and has been purchased thanks to an anonymous £25,000 donation. The bus will provide accommodation for 10 homeless people and includes it’s own shower and toilet facility. It will be staffed every night by volunteers, offering shelter and comfort and food for those most in need.

Tony Francis and Richard Shakespeare, are the organisers of the Roughsleepersart project, both have very real experiences of the homeless and their direct needs and are experienced in project management. We can be contacted directly at roughsleepersart@gmail.com

We have recruited some homeless artists to provide 3D artwork, both individually and through the charities we are working with. The aim is for the work to be auctioned on Ebay, or selling pages or sold on 4th August at the event. The art work can be anything from sculptures, drawings, painting, pottery, knitted figures, songs, poetry etc, there are no limits.

Workshops will be arranged with homeless and formerly homeless people working alongside the domicile public. A particular project, is to create board and other games to represent the various experiences of becoming and remaining homeless, its causes and the routes out of the desperation. 

We are contacting local schools and community groups to produce art and other merchandise and to raise awareness of plight of the homeless. Where an existing charity would like to take part, they merely register on the Facebook page, create and sell their work and register a 50/50% split of the proceeds, half to their charity and half to a nominated homeless outreach charity. No money is paid to roughsleepersart, we are solely the facilitators of this concept and the organisers of the cumulative event on 4th August. 

At our Face Book page, ‘Rough Sleepers Art’, you can register with us your interest in the festival, either as a charity or a business or as an individual offering services on the day and registering your donations (over 18’s only). You can donate anonymously, should you so wish. Existing homeless outreach charities may retain all proceeds. A pitch hire fee will apply on the day. Local musicians are welcome to contact us to plan a schedule for the day. 

The GO4 Café on the Rec, a non-profit making organisation, will be open all day providing food including sandwiches, drinks, cakes and a BBQ. A Bouncy Castle and other attractions will also be available.
We already have a very talented song writer, Suzy Cramer, who has produced a promotional song ‘Reason for the Day’ for our corporate, marketing and advertising purposes. 

We are encouraged by local press coverage and hoping to grasp the attention of National / Local TV etc. a recent press release is attached.

Thank you for your valued support.

Tony Francis (07753 2253810) – Richard Shakespeare (079225 18215)

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