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Samantha Ross Yoga/Raspberry Swirl Massage

Sam's knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology has been broadened and deepened by her work as a holistic & sports massage therapist. This helps her to find modifications for people wishing to practise yoga for the first time or as part of their rehabilitation from injury.

All of Samantha's classes are suitable for all levels of experience from complete beginners to more experienced yogis. Some classes are more focussed on the beginner experience and this is indicated in each class description. Every class is designed to be flexible, allowing each student to fulfil their potential with progressive challenge over time.

Raspberry Swirl was started in 2013 as a way of bringing Sam's love of holistic health, massage therapy & yoga together.  Sam had recently left her corporate career after an extended period of ill health and took the opportunity to retrain in holistic massage therapy and travel to India to immerse herself in yoga.

Since that time Samantha Ross Yoga and Raspberry Swirl Massage have gone from strength to strength, helping and encouraging clients to create positive changes in their lives. 

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Samantha Ross Yoga/Raspberry Swirl Massage

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