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Signals Media Arts Centre

We are a local charity that provides opportunities for everyone to get creative and involved in film making and media production.

General Information

Signals Media Arts Centre is a base for independent filmmaking and education. It actively supports digital production and media understanding through a variety of products and services.

*Film Nation: Shorts Awards 2010 Best Documentary winner for 'Phoenix'.

*National Youth Disability Awards 2010 Best Documentary winner for 'Phoenix'.

*'The My Hero Project' Film Festival 2010 - 2nd Place Animation Student for 'Wonderful World'.

Upcoming events


Plug In: Showcase

10:00am - 5:00pm |
Signals Media Arts Centre
Victoria Chambers St. Runwald St,
A FREE day of workshops, video games and live electronic music! Expect musical robots, live animation and Roman Colchester in VR.


• Leafcutter John
Leafcutter John is a London based Songwriter, Electronic musician and Digital Artist. He will be performing with his custom built 'Light Interface', a device which produces music from light!

• Marian Saunders (VJ) + RANIERI SPINA
A live improvised audio visual collaboration. Created from a mix of animation and sound waves, with all images edited in the moment.

• TR-33N
Digital discordianism and ethereal bangers! TR-33N use electricity, wires and wood to set up coincidences in sound.

• [z]ki
Essex-based chip tune musician.

Young peoples experimental music ensemble. CLIP explore avant garde ideas through fun and interactive sonic experiments.

• Roman Colchester VR - Dystopia Studios
A 1:1 scale model of Roman Colchester which you can explore in VR.

• Lost Words - Sketchbook Games
Multi-award winning Lost Words a platformer game set in the pages of a diary featuring a story by Rhianna Pratchett. Run on words and move them to solve puzzles in order to unlock the fantasy world of Estoria, where words are even more powerful.

• The Dwarves of Glistenveld. - Nysko Games
A Real Time Strategy game with elements of Sandbox, RPG, and Tower Defence. Delve into mines and caves, mine raw-materials, assemble traps and defences, or simply explore. Unravel the plot and uncover the forgotten heritage.

• Ruya - Miracle Tea Studios
A game of tranquillity through the art of matching cute characters in Ruya's world of dreams. Visit surrealist landscapes, decorate yourself in flowers and introspect.

• 9 to 5 - Teaboy Games
Work to live or live to work? This pixel art game challenges you to balance your ever growing to-do list with your stress levels. All with a pounding chip tune Dolly Parton soundtrack.

• Mao Mao Castle -
Help MaoMao the Cat-Dragon on a fantasy adventure back to their castle, avoiding obstacles and collect rainbows on the way. Speed dash to crash through trees, pillars and moai, as you fly around trying not to lose one of your 9 lives. 

• Free digital art workshops
• Digital art installations from local emerging artists

+ More

Video Game Making (7+)

10:00am - 1:00pm | £25
Signals Media Arts Centre
Victoria Chambers St. Runwald St,
Make your own 2D video game using Scratch – the easy to learn game design software. Scratch is the perfect way to learn the basics of coding, and is used in schools all over the world. During the workshop you’ll make simple 2D arcade games and at the end you’ll share them online (via the Scratch website) or pop them onto your own USB to take home.

Stop Motion Animation (9+)

10:00am - 3:00pm | £35
Signals Media Arts Centre
Victoria Chambers St. Runwald St,
Make miniature sets and characters, and animate your own short film. If you can imagine it, we’ll help you animate it! Using a range of artist materials such as card, paint and modelling clay, you will create a short animated film with animation software and miniature cameras.

Game in a Day (11+)

10:00am - 3:00pm | £35
Signals Media Arts Centre
Victoria Chambers St. Runwald St,
Make awesome 2D games using Construct 3 and learn the basics of game design theory. Design, prototype and play test your very own 2D game all in a day, under the expert guidance of our game design tutors! Construct3 is a powerful game design engine that allows you to make games for phones, tablets, computers and games consoles – so presents a fantastic opportunity to take your game design skills to the next level.

Opening hours

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Signals Media Arts Centre
Victoria Chambers St. Runwald St,

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