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Style Junki

I love what I do and to me this is the most important thing in life. I hope my work can add a little happiness to your home too.

I absolutely love to get creative, be that painting rainbows or gold leafing something delicate. My passion for colour I put down to being a 90's teen, embracing flares, neon rave attire or the funky shell-suits we all owned.

I am a firm believer that we get one shot at life and we should embrace our uniqueness in all it's glory, be that a rust wall in the living room to a industrial kitchen or even just a beautiful white bench in the hall.

I have lots of people ask me if i can do something special just for them and that is what i love doing the most - be it giving granny's old furniture a new lease of life or selecting something from my stockroom to restyle for you.

I have an amazing courier who i work closely with and he delivers to Essex and London most days so if you need something fast let me know.

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Style Junki